Amy Swift

Communications + Brand Strategy. Copy Writer.

The story is always in the telling. And more than ever, storytelling is at the heart of a brands resonance. Good messaging relies on crafting a voice and a point of view that’s true, own-able, and that connects with consumers in a memorable, effective way. Good copy isn't just pretty words in lovely typeface. It relies on a deeper strategy designed to connect, persuade and convert - without ever feeling like selling. My clients are all over the world, but primarily in New York, Los Angeles and Boston. I also started a community for women in business called SMARTY with a corresponding blog about small business insights and challenges. Subscribe to SMARTY here.

Amy Swift brings a seasoned and in depth knowledge of hospitality, finance, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and consumer products to her work as a copywriter and brand strategist. She is a specialist at connecting with audiences through words and ideas, and creates both internal documents related to positioning, investors or brand guidelines as well as external messaging like websites, advertisements and collateral. Her work as a ghost writer for CEO’s, personalities and celebrities puts her a niche category as one of the most trusted communications experts in the field, and demonstrates her capacity to get inside subjects point of view and craft effective stories and voices on their behalf. Amy is also the founder of SMARTY, a women’s entrepreneurial network in Los Angeles and Boston that recently merged with Her Corner. She moderates panel discussions where entrepreneurial stars share their stories and journeys to audiences ranging from 50 to 300. She is the co-author of “Ladies Who Launch: Creativity and Entrepreneurship as a Lifestyle” (St. Martin’s Press 2008), and a regular blogger on the challenges of small business and marketing. Amy is based outside Boston with teams in Los Angeles and New York City.

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