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The Story is in the Telling.

I’m a writer, strategist and content creator. My focus has been in beauty, fashion, fitness, spirituality and design, but I also have experience in non-profit, finance and general consumer products. I love connecting with people through compelling stories and words that disarm how an audience typically thinks of a product or service. By finding or creating a brands voice, I’m able to craft editorial and blog content, as well as photography assets and video content, to more effectively amplify presence, visibility and message. As a copywriter, I create internal documents related to positioning/strategy, investment decks or brand guidelines, as well as craft or edit external messaging like websites, taglines/naming, social media posts, advertisements and other marketing collateral. I also work as a ghostwriter for CEO’s, personalities and celebrities when they’re tasked with publishing a column or in need of talking points for TV/digital. For bigger projects I often partner with agencies like Air Conditioned, among others.

To follow my blog on entrepreneurship / free agent-hood and marketing, subscribe here. Through SMARTY, I focus on the human side of business, and the aspects that are hard to quantify and define, but that nonetheless shape us as creative’s and contributors. 



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                                          Visit the blog here